Simplex for Sole Traders

Accounting packages designed purely for sole traders with dedicated forms and advice for every self-employed industry – from drivers to builders, hairdressers to plumbers, fitness instructors to yoga teachers – that show you in simple language what to submit and when to submit it. All you have to do is pop your receipts and expenses in an envelope and we do the rest!

Simplex Limited Company Service

Accounting packages designed for people who want to run their own limited company. Our accountants will support you at every stage of your journey, from setting up your company to managing all the paperwork and admin to submitting your returns on time, every time. With a dedicated team of accountants at the end of the phone we’ll handle everything from expenses and VAT registration to dealing with HMRC and Companies House. All of this at a market leading monthly fee.

Simplex for Contractors

For contractors who want to run a limited company but are afraid of being caught out by IR35, Simplex offer a unique and innovative solution. Whilst many contractors have been forced to abandon limited companies and work through an umbrella, at Simplex we’ve gone a different route, ensuring that our limited company contractors remain compliant within IR35 whilst still maximising their take home pay. We offer our contractors the best of both worlds – all the convenience and ease of use of an umbrella company whilst still retaining the financial advantages of a limited company.

How it WOrks 


Join Simplex and you’ll spend less time (and money) worrying about your accounts and have more time to do the things you love. Just follow our simple 3 step process:

What our clients have to say

“The Simplex Hairdresser Pack is a really easy product to use, I love it! And for once I feel like I’m on top of my expenses this year!”

Laura Garner / Hairdresser

This is just what I’ve been looking for. Finally a system which talks to me in my language

Mark Jance / Plumber

Do you have any questions about Simplex? Why not get in touch with our team on 01229 440184 or click the bottom on the right.

Common Questions about Simplex Accounting

Is Simplex Fully Compliant?

Our system has been designed by a large team of professional accountants to meet all the criteria required by HMRC and it also stands up to all borrowing requirements should you want to apply for a mortgage or loan. After you send your receipts and invoices to the Simplex offices that same team of accountants will check (and then double check) them before adding them to your yearly tax returns. Which means you get all the benefits of a large accountancy team at only a fraction of the cost!

Can I Speak to a Real Accountant?

Yes. Although our whole system is streamlined so that our packs cover every area of your industry and you shouldn’t ever need to contact us, we’ll always be there at the end of the phone if you want to speak to one of our accountants.

Is Simplex Accounting Right For Me?

If you’re self-employed, a sole trader and earn less than £80k then absolutely, yes, this is the right system for you. If you hate doing your taxes, can’t stand filling out the forms (and navigating the annoying jargon written by HMRC) then this system is for you. If you don’t have the money for an expensive accountant but want someone else to handle your accounts for you – you’ve guessed it, this system is for you!