So, Simplex will really handle all of my accounts?

Absolutely. All you have to do is set up your account just once, and after that, we will take every invoice and receipt that you send us and our team of accountants will then organise your tax returns for you and ensure that they are fully compliant and submitted to HMRC on time.

And that covers everything I need for a full set of accounts?

Yup. We designed this system specifically with sole traders and the self-employed in mind and provided you send us all your invoices and receipts, (using the industry specific wallets we send you) we will be able to submit a full set of accounts for you every year.

If you cant find the answer to your question then please call us on 01229 440184  or click the button and send us a message.

And it’s all fully compliant?

100%. Our team of professional accountants have made sure that it meets all the criteria required by HMRC. It also stands up to all borrowing requirements should you want to use the accounts to apply for a mortgage or loan.

And that’s all included in the £220 fee?

Yes. No expensive accountancy fees here, just a one off charge of £220 (or £20 per month.)

Can I Speak To An Accountant If I Need To?

Yes. Although the whole system is set up so that you can fill out forms relating to every area of your industry and then simply file your invoices and receipts, should you need to, you will be able to speak to one of our team of accountants.

Is There A Physical Office I Can Visit Or Are You Only Online?

You can come in and talk to us if you want. We have offices in 72 Market Street, Dalton-In-Furness, Cumbria, LA15 8AA

Do You Provide Reminders For All Deadlines?

Yes, we do. That’s for our benefit as well as yours. Things go a lot more smoothly for all of us if you send over your receipts and invoices on time and we will keep you up to date with (gentle) reminders about approaching deadlines.